Homestead Freedom Festival
June 20-21, 2025

The Midwest Homesteaders Event

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Keynote Speaker: Mike Wilson

Mike_Wilson.jpgMichael Wilson is a well-known homesteader with a strong faith in God and self-sustainability. He cultivates and raises approximately 90% of his own food the way it was created.

As a knowledgeable speaker, Michael imparts his expertise about generating income from homesteading by doing what one loves and attracting tourism to one's homestead. Additionally, he serves as an educator, a builder utilizing reclaimed materials, a small business owner, a woodworker, and a gardener.

Michael's homestead encompasses:

  • Production of fruits and nuts.
  • Raising chickens.
  • Breeding and grass-finishing cattle, goats, horses, sheep and llamas.
  • Honeybee management.

As a graduate of Southern Illinois University, Michael initially pursued a conventional career in the
suit-and-tie world. However, he was later compelled to significantly shift his aspirations and decided to pursue his passion for a simpler and sustainable lifestyle. This led him to embrace homesteading and to embark on a journey of self-sufficiency.

[Please enable JavaScript.] 12330 E 275th RdParis, IL 61944

8am-5pm June 20th & 21st, 2025

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